27 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

  • From 20 to 25 years of age I was a racehorse jockey.
  • I love all things sci-fi
  • I hate being late.
  • I’m terrified of heights (but I love bungee jumping and rollercoaster’s).
  • I love long board surfing (I can shortboard but I’m a dirty longboarder and I don’t care who knows)
  • I’m not keen on snakes (I held one at my nieces birthday party last year, hated every moment)
  • I only go on holiday to warm countries.
  • I’m a massive Coldplay fan.
  • I was fired from a job in the city by a total bitch (best thing that ever happened to me).
  • I was an Estate Agent for 5 years (I absolutely loved it for that time).
  • I’ve twice had botox for my deep Gordon Ramsay forehead line (I may do it again).
  • I have a twin brother (he’s the straight one and has a bloody great family).
  • Id love to go on a date with Will Young. (there I said it).
  • I want to live in a house made of shipping containers.
  • I love ice cream.
  • I’m dyslexic.
  • I only drink “great” real coffee (I wont drink a badly made coffee or instant).
  • I have terrible balance.
  • I swear a lot (it comes from passion not rudeness).
  • I cant have peanut butter in the house otherwise I will eat it all instantly.
  • I don’t remember numbers I only remember patterns on a keypad.
  • I love speed (not the narcotic).
  • I love Mark 2 GOLF GTI’s (I cried when I sold my last one).
  • I get so nervous before any race I need to go to the loo at least 10 times before hand.
  • I hate clothes shopping.
  • If I could Id wear shorts all year round I would.
  • I failed every exam in secondary school except Biology and APH (I got an A in both).
  • I have vitiligo, a skin pigment disorder. (apparently Michael Jackson had it too..Chamon!)
  • I cant count. (clearly)

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