How to look like a total chump!


It’s seems that every Tom, Harry and Dick wants to impress us with how much their lower spine can handle getting the crap wrenched out of it. If I run down my news feed on Face Book I can guarantee ill find a video of someone dead lifting monumental heavy ass weights, and not well either. Its oddly become the benchmark of fitness superiority and frankly it’s over the top and for me sends out the wrong message to anyone new or sceptical to the fitness world.

Now don’t get me wrong, Over the last 15 years of coaching I’ve prescribed dead lifts in training programs for many of my athletes and clients. I like dead lifts! They are a great strength building exercise when done with bang on technique and the appropriate weight.

Sadly there are just too many impatient, egotistic, fucktards (generally men, but I’ve seen a few ladies having a good old go too) who seem to want to skip the technique section, slap on the heavy weights, which is clearly past their lifting ability with the soul aim to pull their spinal chords out of their own bodies.

Yes I know there are plenty of power lifters who can perform a bad ass, spot on, dead lift and that’s very cool. I’m always in awe of how much they can lift in competition. However if your dead lift finishes through a rounded lower back and not through the hips then it’s time to de load that bar and go back to basics.

Have some patience, ditch the ego, learn to to lift intuitively with effectiveness then progressively add weight in small incremental amounts. Doing it this way builds the right firing pattern (muscle motor skills) of targeted muscles while developing TRUE muscular strength and decreases the chance of creating imbalances and thus injury.


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