Things I came away with watching C4s #JunkFoodKids last night!



  • There is a food called Flipper Dippers? WTF!

  • It’s not their fault and it’s totally their fault that they’re Obese and in poor health. You have to eat a lot of food to get that big and it doesn’t happen overnight! However, once you get obese the roller coaster hormonal effect drive cravings, fat gain and messes big time with your emotions. “Comfort eating” starts a cycle of bad health and major psychological issues.

  • Blame culture has tuned into no blame culture when we are the ones to blame!

  • Doctors and practitioners really do want to help but seem powerless, in part, because of political correctness. In a world where no one wants to offend anybody by pointing out the obvious they are unable to make real progress because they might get into trouble with the authorities.

  • Portion sizes have changed since I was a kid. Did you see the size of the plates!

  • Vegetables!????? Ok moving on!

  • If you DONT want to face up to the fact that snacking on Double Dekker’s, Harribo, Crisps and Sports Drinks are making you FAT default to blaming your Thyroid!

  • No one wants to say the word FAT, or say you’re FAT, when in fact, you actually are… FAT!

  • There was a bike in the back of the living room in one of the houses #Justsaying.

  • Free, full dental removal is available on the NHS. Just as long as you don’t brush your teeth and eat bucket loads of sugar to rot them.

  • People want to change but don’t want to spend any time thinking or doing anything TO change!

  • Carbohydrates and processed fats are the back bones of all meals.

  • There is a frustrating amount of #Meh I don’t of give a sh*t from children!

  • There is a frustrating lack of discipline handed out by the parents! As Yoda says “there is no try, only do or do not”!

  • Exercise can be hard…no sh*t!

  • 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese and therefore in a diseased state. If you think the NHS is under pressure now give it 10 years when these little (large) darlings become adults. That is if they make it that far!


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