I was bloody furious, I can’t believe he said that to me!


“Your useless, slow, it’s not working and your no fitter than last year!” He’s said. I can’t believe it! Because my training, mobility, soft tissue work, nutrition and hydration have all been consistent and on point. I’ve focused on weaknesses, made training specific, actually listened to my body so that I managed recovery better without missing key sessions all while managing an injury and working round it.

Who was this total Douche Bag? Why was I letting him tear down my confidence, and with only a few words???

This person was ME! My negative self, kicking me down, limiting potential and making me feel like shite!

Now I know this Douche, I’ve met him on many, many occasions and it’s only really recently I’ve started to deal with him properly.

We internally say FIFTY THOUSAND words to ourselves a day, yes that’s 50,000! FIFTY, THOUSAND!!! These can be bad and gloomy or good and incredibly positive. And we get to choose which ones we say, but only when we become aware of our self-inflicted mind-set and start to change the negative to positive.

Now that sounds simple, and it is! But we have to become aware of WHY we do this to ourselves. For me, my self-limiting behaviour WAS projected from focusing on what I CANT do rather than what I CAN.

Just think about how much energy and time is wasted spent saying to yourself, FIFTY THOUSAND TIMES a day, things like, you can’t, you’re no good, you’re crap, why bother! A BUCKET load, and none of it useful, ALL of it pulling us back, crushing confidence and performance. These words and phrases can trickle in at first but much like bad gut bacteria they can spread like wildfire and foster a lot of negativity, re-poses our confidence and kill our desire.

So how do I deal with these negative thoughts that try to attack my confidence in training and ruin my racing? My training journal tells no lies! It’s in black and white (actually it’s in black and white in a red diary). It shows me that I’ve put the work in, and more importantly my progress in everything from strength, speed to body composition. (Tick in the positive box No1). I call up my friends, seek help and ask questions to finance progress. (Tick in the positive box No2, 3 & 4). What I don’t do is entertain negativity, I quite literally tell it to “Frack OFF!” (Tick in the positive box No5 & 6).

Using the gut analogy again (I like this its good mental imagery). Taking a probiotic can also “cultivate” GOOD gut bacteria. Once these microbes start to propagate they restore and build a healthy, robust digestive system, much like funding positive thoughts daily to cultivate fresh thinking, create focus, excitement and drive. Now imagine a day FULL of these thoughts, and the emotional place you would be in holding on to these each day!

It’s worth THINKING about!



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