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“Your useless, slow, it’s not working and your no fitter than last year!” He’s said. I can’t believe it! Because my training, mobility, soft tissue work, nutrition and hydration have all been consistent and on point. I’ve focused on weaknesses, made training specific, actually listened to my body so that I managed recovery better without missing key sessions all while managing an injury and working round it.

Who was this total Douche Bag? Why was I letting him tear down my confidence, and with only a few words???

This person was ME! My negative self, kicking me down, limiting potential and making me feel like shite!

Now I know this Douche, I’ve met him on many, many occasions and it’s only really recently I’ve started to deal with him properly.

We internally say FIFTY THOUSAND words to ourselves a day, yes that’s 50,000! FIFTY, THOUSAND!!! These can be bad and gloomy or good and incredibly positive. And we get to choose which ones we say, but only when we become aware of our self-inflicted mind-set and start to change the negative to positive.

Now that sounds simple, and it is! But we have to become aware of WHY we do this to ourselves. For me, my self-limiting behaviour WAS projected from focusing on what I CANT do rather than what I CAN.

Just think about how much energy and time is wasted spent saying to yourself, FIFTY THOUSAND TIMES a day, things like, you can’t, you’re no good, you’re crap, why bother! A BUCKET load, and none of it useful, ALL of it pulling us back, crushing confidence and performance. These words and phrases can trickle in at first but much like bad gut bacteria they can spread like wildfire and foster a lot of negativity, re-poses our confidence and kill our desire.

So how do I deal with these negative thoughts that try to attack my confidence in training and ruin my racing? My training journal tells no lies! It’s in black and white (actually it’s in black and white in a red diary). It shows me that I’ve put the work in, and more importantly my progress in everything from strength, speed to body composition. (Tick in the positive box No1). I call up my friends, seek help and ask questions to finance progress. (Tick in the positive box No2, 3 & 4). What I don’t do is entertain negativity, I quite literally tell it to “Frack OFF!” (Tick in the positive box No5 & 6).

Using the gut analogy again (I like this its good mental imagery). Taking a probiotic can also “cultivate” GOOD gut bacteria. Once these microbes start to propagate they restore and build a healthy, robust digestive system, much like funding positive thoughts daily to cultivate fresh thinking, create focus, excitement and drive. Now imagine a day FULL of these thoughts, and the emotional place you would be in holding on to these each day!

It’s worth THINKING about!





  • There is a food called Flipper Dippers? WTF!

  • It’s not their fault and it’s totally their fault that they’re Obese and in poor health. You have to eat a lot of food to get that big and it doesn’t happen overnight! However, once you get obese the roller coaster hormonal effect drive cravings, fat gain and messes big time with your emotions. “Comfort eating” starts a cycle of bad health and major psychological issues.

  • Blame culture has tuned into no blame culture when we are the ones to blame!

  • Doctors and practitioners really do want to help but seem powerless, in part, because of political correctness. In a world where no one wants to offend anybody by pointing out the obvious they are unable to make real progress because they might get into trouble with the authorities.

  • Portion sizes have changed since I was a kid. Did you see the size of the plates!

  • Vegetables!????? Ok moving on!

  • If you DONT want to face up to the fact that snacking on Double Dekker’s, Harribo, Crisps and Sports Drinks are making you FAT default to blaming your Thyroid!

  • No one wants to say the word FAT, or say you’re FAT, when in fact, you actually are… FAT!

  • There was a bike in the back of the living room in one of the houses #Justsaying.

  • Free, full dental removal is available on the NHS. Just as long as you don’t brush your teeth and eat bucket loads of sugar to rot them.

  • People want to change but don’t want to spend any time thinking or doing anything TO change!

  • Carbohydrates and processed fats are the back bones of all meals.

  • There is a frustrating amount of #Meh I don’t of give a sh*t from children!

  • There is a frustrating lack of discipline handed out by the parents! As Yoda says “there is no try, only do or do not”!

  • Exercise can be hard…no sh*t!

  • 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese and therefore in a diseased state. If you think the NHS is under pressure now give it 10 years when these little (large) darlings become adults. That is if they make it that far!

Winter season training is in it’s final throws, spring is on it’s way. Thank furrkkk for that. I love winter training and hate it all at the same time. I don’t like the cold, I never race well in it not ever, but I do like getting the miles in; in fact I bloody love that part! The benefits of real winter zone training are huge if you have the time! (more on training in another post, keep,your eyes peeled)

Winter season is also a great time of year to practice your race nutrition, especially if it’s something new because if it reacts with you badly (and a lot of sports nutrition does) it will only mess up that particular training session and not the race you’ve trained bloody ages for and spent a fortune on.

As a coach who wants the best for all his athletes take note, don’t, and what I mean by don’t, is, NEVER try a NEW sports fuel on race day.

Designer sport nutrition is big business. There are so many products to choose from, gels, bars, drinks, electrolytes, energy shots and protein bites…..the list is literally endless. These are super popular with athletes worldwide often being touted as the golden bullet in enhancing performance on race day!

But there is a problem with nearly 99.9% of all of these, they’re jammed full of refined, artificial (franenkenfuels) processed crap such as refined sugars, sugar alcohols, artificial flavourings, preservatives and sweeteners which can also make you..well…feel like crap and make you vom your guts out on race day.

I’ve watched and taken part in many long distance events and seen loads of people clutching stomachs and puking in ditches. More often than not it’s down to their sports nutrition choices and poor fuelling protocols.

When we race our clever body diverts blood away from the digestive system to the working muscles, major organs and skin so that we can sweat hard and keep cool. Our digestive system still works but it’s on a skeleton rota.

Processed and refined sugars reduces water absorbability through the gut membrane which leads to poor hydration and fuelling which often starts a cycle a bit like like this.

Less fuel and fluids getting absorbed = you feel more tired = you feel more thirsty = you take on more crappy gels and bars and maybe some water too.

Because you can’t digest or absorb this quick enough, your stomach starts to fill with this gluey, sugary, irritant mixture and as your body is under race stress it does the only thing it can….ejects it from where it came! Braaaagghhhhhh All of a sudden that sports nutrition product doesn’t seem so sporty!

Personally I believe if you’re nailing your preparation and your nutrition in training, races between 60 and 90 mins don’t need to be supported by anything other than a simple electrolyte. The fact that you think you need anything else is just down to great marketing!

But there are two other issues that are often overlooked or completely shoved under the carpet, I mean ignored. The first is that these so called sports nutrition supplements are often farthest from nature and the second is that all the Frankenfuels, I mean ingredients, take their toll on your delicate digestive enzymes and micro biota and in some cases encourage further growth of unhealthy gut bacteria. This may not mean anything to you but just google benefits of a healthy digestive system and do some research for yourself. So, to get you excited having a healthy digestive system can improve weight loss, mood and control cravings.

let’s get some perspective here too, just so you know I’m not some kind of sports nutrition hater. One or two bars or gels from time to time, taken in the right dose isn’t going to be an issue. Its the accumulative effect over time that’s the real problem.

What to look out for in the Frankenfuels list, I mean ingredients:

Refined fructose and bean-derived galacto-oligosaccharides are just some of the unnatural nasties found in these products. These refined sugars (masquerading as carbs on the label) can cause symptoms of bloating, indigestion, gastric reflux, gas and diarrhoea.

If your lactose intolerant then watch out for products with whey, whey protein, or powdered milk in them. Aim for hemp or pea protein as they are much kinder on the digestive system.

Be label conscious because fruit juice concentrates from apple, orange, and pear (to name a few) are all highly refined fructose. These are marketed as great natural form of sugar but…….

Watch out for sugar alcohols too. Sweetened artificially means this might just make you race to the toilet rather than the finish line. These gastrointestinal (digestive system) bad asses come in the form of xylitol, sorbitol, erythritol, maltitolor and anything with polyols in their name.

Keep an stern eye out for soy protein, soy lecithins anything to do with processed soy. I don’t like soy, I’m a hater of it and so is this guy.

I’m going to highlight Palm Oil, not because of its nutritional negatives or positives but because of an environmental catastrophe, particularly in Borneo and Sumatra.

The destruction to the habitat and ecosystem of the native wildlife is shameful. Deforestation has drastically reduced the population of Orangutang’s. Other animals that suffer as a result of this include species like the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sun Bear, Pygmy Elephant, Clouded Leopard and Proboscis Monkey.

Look for palm oil in everything shop bought. That includes foods you may not expect like oat cakes from supermarkets. It’s in more things thank you think. If we don’t buy it they can’t sell it and they can’t sell it…….


It’s seems that every Tom, Harry and Dick wants to impress us with how much their lower spine can handle getting the crap wrenched out of it. If I run down my news feed on Face Book I can guarantee ill find a video of someone dead lifting monumental heavy ass weights, and not well either. Its oddly become the benchmark of fitness superiority and frankly it’s over the top and for me sends out the wrong message to anyone new or sceptical to the fitness world.

Now don’t get me wrong, Over the last 15 years of coaching I’ve prescribed dead lifts in training programs for many of my athletes and clients. I like dead lifts! They are a great strength building exercise when done with bang on technique and the appropriate weight.

Sadly there are just too many impatient, egotistic, fucktards (generally men, but I’ve seen a few ladies having a good old go too) who seem to want to skip the technique section, slap on the heavy weights, which is clearly past their lifting ability with the soul aim to pull their spinal chords out of their own bodies.

Yes I know there are plenty of power lifters who can perform a bad ass, spot on, dead lift and that’s very cool. I’m always in awe of how much they can lift in competition. However if your dead lift finishes through a rounded lower back and not through the hips then it’s time to de load that bar and go back to basics.

Have some patience, ditch the ego, learn to to lift intuitively with effectiveness then progressively add weight in small incremental amounts. Doing it this way builds the right firing pattern (muscle motor skills) of targeted muscles while developing TRUE muscular strength and decreases the chance of creating imbalances and thus injury.

  • From 20 to 25 years of age I was a racehorse jockey.
  • I love all things sci-fi
  • I hate being late.
  • I’m terrified of heights (but I love bungee jumping and rollercoaster’s).
  • I love long board surfing (I can shortboard but I’m a dirty longboarder and I don’t care who knows)
  • I’m not keen on snakes (I held one at my nieces birthday party last year, hated every moment)
  • I only go on holiday to warm countries.
  • I’m a massive Coldplay fan.
  • I was fired from a job in the city by a total bitch (best thing that ever happened to me).
  • I was an Estate Agent for 5 years (I absolutely loved it for that time).
  • I’ve twice had botox for my deep Gordon Ramsay forehead line (I may do it again).
  • I have a twin brother (he’s the straight one and has a bloody great family).
  • Id love to go on a date with Will Young. (there I said it).
  • I want to live in a house made of shipping containers.
  • I love ice cream.
  • I’m dyslexic.
  • I only drink “great” real coffee (I wont drink a badly made coffee or instant).
  • I have terrible balance.
  • I swear a lot (it comes from passion not rudeness).
  • I cant have peanut butter in the house otherwise I will eat it all instantly.
  • I don’t remember numbers I only remember patterns on a keypad.
  • I love speed (not the narcotic).
  • I love Mark 2 GOLF GTI’s (I cried when I sold my last one).
  • I get so nervous before any race I need to go to the loo at least 10 times before hand.
  • I hate clothes shopping.
  • If I could Id wear shorts all year round I would.
  • I failed every exam in secondary school except Biology and APH (I got an A in both).
  • I have vitiligo, a skin pigment disorder. (apparently Michael Jackson had it too..Chamon!)
  • I cant count. (clearly)

With 2013 well and truly started, many people are working hard on their fitness regimes.  With everyone on the same fitness path our gyms are packed at peak times.  When it’s busy it can be very frustrating to maintain a good level of intensity in your training and complete an effective workout. Below are some top tips to help you get your workout done when the gym is packed.

Metabolic Monday (How to set the stage for powerful fat burning for the rest of the week)

It’s a universal fact that Monday is chest and back day.  This is great news because I can almost guarantee the squat rack, leg press, leg extension and hamstring curl machines are completely free. Many people neglect leg training and hide them under baggy sweat pants.  Big mistake (or should I say small!).  Heavy, intense resistance training, especially with a legs session on a Monday, will prime your hormonal function to release testosterone and more importantly, growth hormone.  Growth Hormone (GH) is the body’s most powerful fat-burning hormone, builder of lean muscle tissue and it also boosts your immune system.  Similarly it stimulates (IGF-1) Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 which enhances amino-acid up-take, protein synthesis and lean muscle building.  Simply put, training legs on a Monday sets up your hormonal and metabolic machinery to produce a leaner physique.

Body-Weighted Training

Body-weighted exercises are proven to help build strength and increase lean muscle. This training method is great for everyone. Concentrate on the TUT (Time Under Tension) principle, vary temp and work on intensity (burn).  Using bodyweight means you don’t need a lot of equipment. For motivation take your MP3 Player and don’t forget  your headphones.  Good examples are press-ups, chin/pull-ups, step ups  and walking lunges. Set up a circuit and go for it!

Weights Cardio

If you’re a Cardio King or Queen and can’t get on to any of the equipment you want, then why not make a total body-weights, cardio circuit utilising short rest periods.  I hear you cry, “weights = cardio?”  Focus on utilising big muscle groups; legs, chest and back.  The protocol is simple to follow.  Perform each of the following, back-to-back for one minute on each exercise, then move on quickly.

Weighted squats, flat barbell bench press, wide grip pull-up, weighted split squat, incline barbell chest press and close grip pull-up.  Take one minute to recover and repeat 4 – 5 times.

This will be intense, improve lean muscle gains, take your body out of its comfort zone and make you breathe harder than you ever thought possible.

Add Plyometrics to your Cardio Weight Circuit

Speed and strength are integral components of fitness.  To put it simply, the combination of speed and strength creates power.  For many years, coaches and athletes have sought to improve power in order to enhance performance.  Jumping, bounding and hopping exercises have been used in various ways to enhance athletic performance.  In recent years, this distinct method of training for power or explosiveness has been termed plyometrics.

Plyometrics are an explosive reaction of the individual through powerful muscular contractions because of the rapid eccentric contractions.

Being creative in the gym at busy times can be a great thing, this will make you think about your training and how much your want it.  Being creative makes your training fun and intense and will open your eyes to a new way of training and a leaner, fitter you.

Go for High Volume and Short Rest Periods

This reduces the times spent on each machine, steps up the intensity of the workout, floods the muscles with blood, expanding muscle fibres and fascia quickly, causing catabolism (muscle protein breakdown) raising lactate volume and further raising GH levels. Example as follows.

Wide Leg Squats
















Rest  in Seconds








Top Tip: Choose a weight which is challenging, so you have to rest pause on each set.

Perform Sprint or Fartleck Intervals in Intense Short Periods

Short, intense bursts allows you to work at full potential, train above lactate threshold, thereby elevating GH, the body’s most powerful fat-burning and anabolic hormone.  This hormone also suppresses cortisol release, a major catabolic hormone.  Performing just one minute at high intensity is enough to produce this response, quickly improves your cardiovascular function, reduces the time spent hogging machines and keeps your training interesting because you can choose whatever is free.






1 Min

Quick Start Programme

10 seconds medium paced followed by 10 seconds hard paced


You can concentrate on single muscle groups or perform an all over body workout using this principle.  Intermixing sprint-cardio intervals between each strength set will send the intensity of your workout through the roof.

Pulling these two protocols together in one workout can be a very effective way to train in a busy gym, cut down times on equipment, add intensity, gain lean muscle mass and boost your metabolic machinery.

References: Prescribing Rest Periods During Hypertrophy Resistance exercise Resistance Training Rest Periods

Ploiquin: The Growth Hormone Response

Co written by Dave Fuge

and Simon de Burgh

We have all, at some point, take the decision to make important changes in our lives.  It may be a physical change, a lifestyle change, taking on a physical challenge or a new business venture; but how many people really understand what is truly required, not only see the new change through but make it truly successful, rewarding and meaningful?

Ambition, passion, drive and determination are all key traits needed in order to succeed in any change.  However, first you must determine why you want to change.  Secondly, you must have the desire, determination and motivation to see through the good and the bad times and thirdly you must have passion in what you are trying to achieve.  You will never succeed unless you possess these vital characteristics.

Now if it were as simple as this to put into practice, then everyone would be lean, healthy and successful, living the lives that they envisaged.  Unfortunately, however, for every dream, goal and wish which is successful, there are hundreds of incidents, scenarios and people just waiting to trip you up and bring your ambition for change crashing to a halt.

Habit: A Settled or Regular Tendency or Practice; Especially One Which is Hard to Give Up.


Or should we say negative habits, are the single most destructive form of detractor when looking to make any change.  They are, as the definition suggests, a series of tendencies which are hard to give up.  Ask anyone who is or has been overweight, engaged in regular binge drinking, smoking, taking drugs or in fact any self-destructive practice, over a long period of time.  They will all testify to the corrosive nature of their habit and the difficulty involved in breaking them.

Cycling of Bad Habits

So, why are habits so hard to break?   Why do we often seem to find our way back to where we started?  Well, in fact there are many hurdles to contend with.  Some are intrinsic; the ongoing battle with your own subconscious not to go back to poor habits once you have started your journey to change.  Some are extrinsic; family, friends, social groups and mass media can be just as destructive to your journey.

Intrinsic Factors

Our brain is the most powerful and complex system or computer on our planet.  It controls our thoughts, everything we do, say, feel, think and dream.  It dictates sleep patterns, hormonal output, nervous system recruitment, temperature control and, you guessed it…habits.

The subconscious brain has the ability to store recognise and repeat the things you practice on a daily basis from eating to sleeping, work practices, mood and everything in between.  Our subconscious thoughts are stronger than our conscious thoughts; they are the operating system to our computer.  The problem being is that when our subconscious thoughts are down beat, pessimistic and negative to change and they become repetitive, you start a cycle of self-destructive habits.  In effect, negativity in all its forms, denies our very own positive conscious desire for change.  The negative cycle goes on.

Negative intrinsic factors are often driven by a change in the brain’s chemistry; sugar, alcohol, nicotine, poor daily nutrition and sporadic eating patterns, are all responsible.

Take sugar for example.  Sugar, or any sugar substitute, has been confirmed in many studies as being just as addictive and poisonous to our bodies as cocaine and heroine.  It stimulates the pleasure centre in our brain (Nucleus Accumbens for the science orientated!) to release dopamine, giving you the feeling of pleasure.  The more often you eat sugar, the weaker the signal becomes, so you consume even more in order to get the same pleasure response.  Excessive stimulation of this pleasure centre means you crave even more to get the same pleasurable hit.  This circular dependency makes it an even harder habit to break, eventually leading to addiction and can cause depression.

Sugar is added to virtually everything in our packaged, tinned and processed foods, whether you want to face up to it or not.  Look at the labels of most bread, cereals, baked beans, tomato soup, fat-free ranges and some weight loss shakes, you may be surprised by their content.  It’s no surprise then that the vast majority of our population is unconsciously addicted to sugar.   If your goal is weight loss and you’re including these foods in your diet, you will most certainly fail in your goal.  Feelings of unhappiness, hopelessness and inadequacy creep in and negative self-belief returns.

Extrinsic Factors

Family, friends, work colleagues, TV, radio and supermarkets are just some of the outside influences which have a real impact on your motivation for change.

Supermarkets know us better than we know ourselves.  Next time you go grocery shopping be aware of the offers and treats strategically placed throughout the store.  At the end of each isle we are often bombarded with sugary delights at knocked down prices.  At the checkout and the surrounding areas there is confectionary on sale while you wait to be served.  This is no coincidence; it’s all beautifully designed to pull you in.  In fact quite recently I was standing in a supermarket isle and everywhere I looked there was a sugar offensive.  Right in front of me was an enticing array of “snacking” biscuits.  If your resolve is a little shaky you can easily be lead to cheat on your diet.  Feelings of failure and worthlessness start to overflow and the negative cycle reappears.

Discouraging comments from close friends and family can make you angry, sad and frustrated. These feelings all have a negative impact subconsciously and can derail your efforts to change. Think about it?  Do you know anyone who is constantly pessimistic?  Do they or have they ever achieved anything in life that is meaningful, or are they the type of person who says constantly ” I wish I could”, “it’s impossible”, “if only”, “that’s silly” and starts a sentence with “but”?  Ask yourself, do these people support and drive you in your ambition?

On the whole, our society doesn’t promote positive intrinsic or extrinsic behaviour.  We are pre-programmed from childhood to focus on the things we are not good at and tend to miss and ignore the many things we are good at and have achieved.  Fast forward then to adulthood.

Think about the boss who is outwardly confident but inwardly scared as hell they may get found out they are rubbish at their job!  These people “dumb down” your ability, creativity and undermine your confidence with caustic comments designed to put you on the back foot.

So, we start to doubt ourselves again, thoughts of “I should have done better” and “I’m not good enough” creep in and the cycle of self-negativity returns.

All these negative intrinsic and extrinsic factors are reinforced by our own negative conscious thoughts which affect the subconscious and we are all very good at repeating these daily.  The good news is that you can change all these self-defeating behaviours and build positive habits.

 “We see things not as they are but as we are!”

Let’s Break this Self-Negative Cycle and Create Positive, Forward-Thinking, Rewarding Habits

Change Your Inner Chat to” I Can, I Will”

Re-booting the subconscious starts with a conscious decision to change it.  We can change the subconscious cycle of self-negative beliefs and chat back through positive remodeling of our conscious thoughts.  Flipping the switch to up-beat, optimistic, positive thoughts and feelings on a day-to-day basis can start a cycle of self-affirmation and forward action.  In effect, positivity in all its forms influences our subconscious mind and actions.

Put out the Trash

Your habits can be initiated by objects around the house or working environment.  Keeping sugary foods and drinks at home or constantly passing the chocolate vending machine on the way to the printer can eventually break your resolve, make you give in and the cycle of negative habits will start again.   Get rid of anything which may cause you to waiver from your goal.  Out of sight, out of mind works very well!

Throw the Negative People out with the Trash

Let’s take the Friday feel-good work colleague, pastry pusher, the family member who says “do you think that’s a good idea?” or the mate who says “Oh that sounds a bit over the top!” These comments and people are all negative detractors; but they don’t mean to be.  Become conscious of these people and their habits and you can turn any negative subconscious emotions and thoughts into positive ones.

Switch off Jeremy Kyle, Eastenders and Make a Motivational Play List

Watching depressing, mind-numbing TV and listening to down-beat ballads all the time is a bit like Chinese water torture.  After a while it will quite literally bore a hole in your positivity.  We know that positive emotions can make you feel up-beat and motivated; music is very emotive.  Creating an awe-inspiring play list on your IPod (other Mp3 players are available) and then blaring it out when we feel down can raise your confidence and optimism levels right through the roof.

Playing it on the way to the gym and during your workout can inspire you to work harder, releasing more happy endorphins, increasing your feelings of wellness and real achievement.

Read, Follow and Listen

A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.  A lot of knowledge can be very powerful!  The more books you read and the more you follow professionals in their field on their social network pages on the subject of your ambition, the more you start to learn, understand and put into practice the skills which will help you achieve your goals.  If you travel a lot, downloading high quality audio books are a great way to learn on the move.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Positive people breed positive actions.  Fact!  All my friends exhibit one clear trait – ambition. Positive people persist when things look glum, see opportunity to learn from failure, hold themselves with confidence but not arrogance and smile a lot.  Surround yourself with these kinds of people and you will achieve greatness.

Plan Your Day, Weekly Nutrition, Workout and Record It

Forward planning for social events, meetings, training, keeping a food, workout or progress diary, works very well in the motivation stakes.  It shows you where you’ve come from, if you have hit a plateau or stalled in your quest for change; identifies what you need to work on and highlights the progress you have made.  All of this information is crucial to continued change and success.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation has serious consequences on how we perform.  Memory, planning, timing and speech are all affected, making mental tasks tougher, plays havoc with our mood, emotions and thus how we view ourselves positively on a daily basis.  Getting enough sleep can also regulate our appetite hormones – leptin and ghrelin.  Leptin signals our brain when we are full and ghrelin stimulates appetite.  When you are sleep-deprived, Leptin levels are suppressed which means the signal that says you are full is weak and ghrelin levels rise, stimulating appetite, making you crave more food and breaking your resolve.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests we get between 7 and 9 hours a night.  Interventions to improve sleep patterns are:  ensure your bedroom and bed clothes are clean and smell fresh, make sure your curtains and blinds block out light, so it’s as dark as a bat cave, switch off all electrical equipment.  If you use a mobile phone as an alarm clock, set it and place it away from your bed.  The electro-magnetic field from most devices can heighten you, making it difficult for you to drop off.  Take magnesium as this “anti-stress” mineral has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps your muscles relax.

With Positive Support And Action, Breaking Any Habit Can Be Easy.  It All Comes Back To Those Four Character Traits You Need To Succeed.


Co-written by Matt Warner and Simon de Burgh

Simon de Burgh is the 2 X winner of “Gym Based Personal Trainer of The Year 2011 & 2012″ at The National Fitness Awards and a Physique Elite DTP Specialist.  Simon has been in the sports and fitness industry for over 16 years and trains clients to transform their bodies and coaches long distance athletes, creator of LDST (Long Distance Strength Training System), writes and co-writes with other Personal Trainers.

Matt Warner is a Personal Trainer – DTP Transformation Specialist – Sports massage therapist and founder of @CRE8WHATYOUWANT. Specialising in areas of strength training, mental preparation and sports massage allows Matt to bring together each piece of the performance puzzle.  He works mainly with athletes from junior level up to world championship level in many disciplines, as well as clients looking for body re-composition and ensures that they gain all of the attributes needed to reach their physical and psychological potential. 

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